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Small Library Haunting October 31, 2008

Posted by kmklier in small libraries.

Morrisville Public Library

As per Eberhart: The ghost in this 1850s-era building was investigated in September 2007 by Ghost Seekers of Central New York, which photographed some spooky orbs and recorded spikes in magnetometer readings on the second floor. At one point, a chair with wheels lifted up and crashed to the floor. The group also picked up some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and took a photo of what they call “ectoplasm” outside.

For more information about library hauntings check out this article by George Eberhart.



1. Jayson Novok - November 29, 2008

A very amusing story, I have never heard of a haunted library before. I suppose if there are ghosts they would hang around old buildings such as a small library. I would certainly love to know if there is any validity to these stories.

2. Sarah C. - December 1, 2008

I wonder if the classic librarian scene in Ghostbusters would count to the tally of library ghosts!

I thought this was an intriguing subject and happened to find http://www.libraryghost.com/ — an entire webcam devoted to a library ghost in Indiana. The ghost even has a MySpace. What did we ever do before we had all this technology?

Great blog, Kristi. What else have you got in store for us?

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